Lawn Dresses

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    Mishal Digital Printed Lawn Collection

    Rs 13,800.00

    Aizal Digital Printed Lawn Collection

    Rs 13,118.00

    Kefi Digital Printed Premium Lawn

    Rs 28,728.00

    Eliora Digital Printed 2pc Lawn Collection

    Rs 20,064.00

    Digital Printed Premium Lawn Cambric Collection

    Rs 57,600.00

    Riwayat Digital Printed Cambric Lawn Collection

    Rs 28,716.00

    Dilara Digital Printed Embroidered Lawn Chiffon Collection

    Rs 41,240.00

    Digital Printed Premium Lawn 3pc Collection

    Rs 72,000.00

    Kiara Digital Printed Collection

    Rs 27,960.00

    Aaghaz Embroidered Lawn Collection Vol–1

    Rs 40,500.00

    Mishaal Premium Luxury Unstitched Embroidered Collection

    Rs 39,540.00

    Soha Luxury Digital Printed Lawn Collection

    Rs 27,540.00

    With summer quickly approaching, it's a good time to examine the latest 2023 lawn dress designs, whether stitched or unstitched and yes! Consider you'll be wearing any of them this year with Konjae.

    A lawn dress is the most popular and most manufactured clothing item in Pakistan. Visit Konjae to find simple and printed lawn dresses. Offer ends soon! Don't miss it!

    Lawn Dresses Speciality

    The name 'lawn dress' comes from the fact that lawn dresses are usually designed for outdoor wear. They can, however, be worn with any attire, especially lawn kurtis. Lawn dresses are also very practical; they can be worn almost every season because they are lightweight and don't require much maintenance.

    Konjae Intentions For the Latest Lawn Dresses Collection

    The brand-new Konjae Lawn Dress Collection, 2023, marks a significant milestone. Its updated design and colors continue the company's vision of making a difference. 

    From its founding, the company has been dedicated to helping people live more fully in the present moment by allowing them to achieve their dreams. This is done by offering women a complete package that suits their personalities. New Lawn Dresses Collection strives to provide women with a high level of satisfaction and an opportunity to express themselves through style.

    Lawn Dress Design With Its Simplicity

    To sum up the appeal of fashion on a single page, Konjae describes it as simplicity. Simple lawn dress design with a high waist, no embellishment, no frills, just a simple design that can be worn and moved around effortlessly

    Konjae's inspiration for their designs is based on minimalism and simplicity. "Creating functional and comfortable clothing is our goal. We believe in wearing things that fit well and look stylish." Through its website, Instagram, and Facebook page, the brand maintains a strong online presence.

    Pakistani Lawn With Konjae

    Pakistani women will undoubtedly find the right dress in the Konjae collection. Especially lawn suits with the highest sales. There's no need to break the bank and splurge on expensive dresses because we have plenty of affordable options. 

    Whether you want something trendy or a classic look, tons of cheap lawn dresses can add that extra class to your special day. Fashion and beauty are still achievable even at a low price!

    The Complexity of a 2 or 3-piece Lawn Suit 

    There are plenty of online stores selling lawn dresses. But it's challenging to find anything that fits all your needs, like a 2-piece or 3-piece lawn suit. That's where we created the Konjae platform. 

    We spent years researching clients' needs in our space and eventually built a solution that matched their needs while offering excellent value for money. With Konjae, you get the finest of both worlds. Our user-friendly website makes it easy to find everything you need. And because we sell through retail stores and websites, we pass on the savings to our customers.

    This summer, do you want to look stylish in front of your friends and family? Get yourself one from Konjae online store right away!