Digital Printed Embroidered Lawn Chiffon Collection Morbagh By Beechtree 10

    Rs 55,420.00

    Khawab Nagar 2 Pc Collection By Safa Noor 10

    Rs 21,300.00

    Rang Pasand Luxury Digital Printed Lawn Collection By Gulljee 10

    Rs 34,740.00

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    Digital Printed Embroidered Lawn Chiffon Collection Morbagh By Beechtree

    Rs 55,420.00

    Kroma Digital Printed Embroidered Lawn Eid Festive Collection By Gull Jee

    Rs 34,740.00

    Khawab Nagar 2 Pc Collection By Safa Noor

    Rs 21,300.00

    Rang Pasand Luxury Digital Printed Lawn Collection By Gulljee

    Rs 34,740.00

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    KonJae: Pakistan's Online Wholesale Brands Clothing Market

    KonJae is Pakistan’s first-ever user-friendly online textile portal for wholesale clothing. You can get a variety of wholesale branded clothing at the best affordable prices. Konjae is a project by Cybmerce Tech Pvt Ltd, located in Islamabad. Konjae works with a transparent working model. Being the first wholesale branded clothing supplier in Pakistan, our motto is to provide our clients with exemplary clothes while ensuring their free choice of selecting the brands smoothly.

    Origin And Concept Behind ‘KON JAE’

    The name originated from the Urdu language, KON JAE, are two Urdu words that translate into Who Would Go?

    Launching a place where people do not need to go to the wholesale markets for their purchases had risen amid COVID” 19 when traveling was equivalent to danger, and everything went off or online.

    KonJae works as a liaison between the manufacturers, the wholesale persons, and the buyers while nurturing the quality of the products, which builds Trust between You And Konjae Platform.

    Trust, Empower, and Future With KonJae


    Building trust with Textile Industry Players. This concept has its e-commerce dimension to co-integrate with the textile industry. The COVID-19 pandemic is another contributing factor to strengthening this concept’s baseline to boost business while utilizing  e-commerce resources.


    The concept has derived from providing technical and mobility facilitations to textile merchants/traders, wholesalers, and brand owners by excelling with the online B2B cloth supply model’s with innovative approach by providing wholesale fabrics in Pakistan.


    The business framework model of this initiative is based on creating, capturing, and delivering value to the customers. By providing an online platform that never existed before, KonJae has proven itself as a trendsetter of these business models giving other entrepreneurs a brighter future and a strong platform to invest in the wholesale cloth market in Pakistan.

    Latest Cloth Brands with Ladies

    Konjae feels the best clothing brands aren’t just good products – they also reflect the personality and style of the people who wear them. Popular brands reflect our changing lifestyle choices, preferences, and personal style. These brands have become popular by staying true to whom we are rather than fitting into a cookie-cutter mold of traditional fashion. That’s why we prefer wholesale branded clothes.

    For most of us, clothing means something else than it used to. For the first time in history, most of the world’s population is female. Women today make up over half the planet’s population. This shift in demographics means that online wholesale of women’s clothing needs to be in the recent market. Now we have a whole new market, and “fashion” needs to evolve.

    Early fabric’s for ladies

    When the fashion industry first introduced clothing that was ready to wear, consumers didn’t like it because the ladies’ fabric needed to be more relaxed and comfortable. So manufacturers made the fabric softer and added elastic bands. The result was a new category of fashion that we now call “stitched” clothes.

    Stitching changed how we think about clothes, but it also helped us realize that clothing is just another skin care product. Why not give the same attention? In the same way, the brand Konjae also indulges in an unstitched market, especially in Islamabad, which is considered the hub of wholesale brands, including boutique clothing.

                    If you are looking to buy wholesale fashion products from Pakistan, then Konjae is the absolute place for you.