Johra Summer Collection

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    Eliza Digital Printed Embroidered Lawn Collection By Johra

    Rs 52,950.00

    Namal Embroidered Lawn Chiffon Collection By Johra

    Rs 67,950.00

    Deluxe Digital Printed Embroidered Lawn Collection By Johra

    Rs 33,500.00

    Sifaal Digital Printed Embroidered Lawn Collection By johra

    Rs 39,950.00

    Danayah Digital Printed Embroidered Lawn Colllection By Johra

    Rs 39,950.00

    Rever Digital Printed Embroidered Lawn Collection By Johra

    Rs 49,900.00

    Zarim Digital Printed Embroidered Lawn Chiffon Collection

    Rs 30,950.00

    Raiza Digital Printed Lawn Collection By Johra

    Rs 32,340.00

    Afsanah Digital Printed Chikankari Lawn Chiffon Collection

    Rs 34,950.00

    Gold Embroidered Swiss Chiffon Collection

    Rs 103,020.00

    Mahza Chickenkari Lawn Chiffon Collection

    Rs 43,950.00

    Tamam Embroidered Lawn Jacquard Collection

    Rs 42,950.00

    Johra is a famous brand for women's ethnic wear in Pakistan. Among the Johra dress collection are sarees, lehengas, suits, and kurtis. 

    Colors, designs, and fabrics are all available in its dresses. Johra dresses are perfect for occasions like weddings, festivals, and parties.

    Now konjae offers various brands on one platform, including Johra, with a considerable discount. That means retailers in Pakistan can get this brand at wholesale prices!

    Johra Collection: Culture and Craftsmanship

    Johra's design philosophy is inspired by the culture and craftsmanship of its nation. Its bold designs and colors make it a popular brand. Shoes and jewelry are also sold as accessories by the business. There are a variety of sizes and designs available. In addition, Johra operates an online shop at konjae.

    Johra Brand: Clothing Vision With Teenagers

    Johra's primary goal is to satisfy the needs of every social class. Modern sewing equipment and premium materials are used to create clothing. Under this name, you can find both formal and casual clothing.

    It is renowned among teenagers. Due to this, it gained popularity and became a vast market. The company operates in several locations in Pakistan, mostly in big cities. When there is a sale, they frequently make large purchases.

    Comfort With Johra Clothing Brand

    Investing in high-quality apparel offers a higher level of comfort and durability. As we've already mentioned, quality brands typically favor superior materials and textiles

    The quality of these materials always shows through, whether silk, cotton, or fleece. With these clothes, skin irritation, stretching, and pilling are less likely to occur.

    Everyone can look their best with this collection. Just visit Konjae!