Top 15 Clothing Brands In Pakistan

Top 15 Clothing Brands In Pakistan

Dressing up or looking gorgeous every day is something we all enjoy, right? The problem arises when it comes to selecting top-notch and fashionable clothing.

This problem has an ultimate solution with Konjae. For our worthy audience, we have compiled a list of 15 top-searched clothing brands in Pakistan for 2022, which were the year’s top searches.

In Pakistan, branded clothes matter, whether they’re top female clothing brands or top male clothing brands. The fierce competition and brands are working hard to deliver the best products.

Your Favorite Clothing Brands In Pakistan

Pakistani brands are illustrious worldwide for their intricate designs, color combinations, embroideries, and premium quality fabric. Collectively and even individually, brands represent Pakistan’s diversity and beautiful traditions, and the cultural aesthetics are also manifested beautifully in the designs. So, the clothing brands in Pakistan help to create a positive image of Pakistan and its true essence worldwide.

Not only do they add to the positive image of the country, but they also play a crucial role in adding up to the country’s economy. According to the ADB report of November 2021, the textile sector of Pakistan constitutes 3.4 percent of its GDP ad 54.7 percent of the country’s gross exports.

Textile markets are crowd3d with every type of quality fabric from low to high and replicas and master copies. But people search for a good and affordable brand that enhances their personality and is not harsh on the pocket. As women are always keen to buy the latest and newer collections, there comes Category B, women waiting for clearance sales and discounted deals to buy their favorite branded dresses to look picturesque.

Having a perfectly gorgeous look within the means is a tricky thing to do because the prices of premium quality brands and fabrics are hiked up as there is global inflation going on amid Covid’19. But with the help of the below-given list, Konjae makes it convenient for our valuable audience to maintain their perfect look every time and in every season on a very pocket-friendly budget.

Launching new collections and introducing amazing discounts and sales is common in Pakistan clothing brands. People, therefore, wait too, to buy their favorite men’s and women’s collections. It’s known for its culture and styling in the Indus valley for centuries; Pakistan has been a perfect example in women’s fashion, from sarees to shirts to kurta shalwars, and in men’s fashion, from dhoties to straight pant pajamas to kurtas, in showing beautiful culture from all its provinces.

Not only in Pakistan but our clothing brands have also received international appreciation and have been worn by international celebrities too; for example, on her visit, Kate Middleton wore Pakistani clothing brands, Elan and Maheen Khan.

1. J. Junaid Jamshed

junaid jamshed

Name of Owner:Junaid Jamshed
Year Of Establishment:2002
Categories:Stitched/ Unstitched
Collections:Women/ Men
Stores:Pakistan, UAE, US, Qatar, UK, Saudia Arabia, South Africa, Oman, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

J. is the best clothing brand for men and women in Pakistan. If you are searching for a prime choice of ethnic Pakistani apparel, J. is just the right spot. The brand has been operating since 2002, and J. is owned by a famous and well-renowned singer-turned-Islamic scholar Late Junaid Jamshed. Mr. Junad has a vast love and following for ethnic wear, so he launched a clothing line of his own.

Despite being Pakistan’s most expensive brand, J. is still Pakistan’s favorite brand and is loved by all. It’s the choice of every Pakistani man and woman, as it manifests in both men’s and women’s collections. The collections vary from season to season, but the brand never compromises in delivering the most allure and exclusive designs and aesthetic prints.

For men, J. displays the best-ever quality Kurta shalwars and waistcoats in the most decent and subtle color palettes that suit every age group and everybody’s type. Women’s collections have numerous collections, including stitched, unstitched festive, embroidered, and summer-winter collections. Wearing J. not only boosts your confidence and elegance but is also pocket friendly.

J. never fails to leave its audience in a state of amazement with the launch of its new collection every time. And the hard-working team of eloquent designers is smart enough to satiate the wearer’s aesthetic thirst for solid, vibrant, and delicate tones. J. is Pakistan’s one of the top clothing brands because of its intricate and delicate designs and prints, and its smooth cuts, which enhance the wearer’s personality. You can find J. stores quickly all over Pakistan, and they are also located in some foreign countries.


Name of Owner:Wahaaj Tariq and Amna Wahaaj
Year Of Establishment:2010
Categories:Stitched/ Unstitched
Collections:Women/ Men

Every Pakistani girl and woman loves the products and articles, but they have a different fan base for their pret collections as they are known for their decent cuts and elegant designs. The fabrics’ quality is premium and affordable in various categories like on-piece shirts, pants, stoles, dupattas, and two pieces shalwar shirts or shirts and dupattas, and then three-piece suits, trousers, shirts, and dupattas.

Besides a clothing line, Limelight also offers different accessories, including wallets, clutches, handbags, jewelry, and shoes, which are also very light on the wallet.



Name of Owner:H Karim Buksh
Year Of Establishment:2010
Categories:Stitched/ Unstitched
Collections:Women/ Men

Beechtree started as a Pakistani women’s clothing brand in 2010 and has marked itself in just a decade of producing the best-ever women’s clothing brand. The brand’s specialty is to design and manufacture the most delicate and elegant ready-to-wear women’s collection every season, from spring to summer and fall to winter.

Now Beechtree articles have become every wardrobe’s essential, and without Beechtree, women’s clothing wardrobe is incomplete. Being famous for pret doesn’t make Beechtree’s unstitched collection any less; the one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece dresses are all stylish yet graceful and suit every age group.

Beechtree has become a loved Brand by women in Pakistan due to its premium quality fabric and unique designs and prints. The brand has numerous outlets in different cities in Pakistan, and the rates are also very pocket-friendly.

The unique point about Beechtree is that it manufactures articles with a western touch, which fulfills the demand and wish of young girls who want to wear ethnic apparel but with a western touch. So, Beechtree utilizes its utmost energy and skills to design and deliver the best from its funkiest color palettes without making the products indecent.


gull Ahmed

Name of Owner:Hjai Bashir Ali Mohammad
Year Of Establishment:1976
Categories:Stitched/ Unstitched
Collections:Women, Men., Kids

When talking about famous clothing brands in Pakistan, how can we miss Gul Ahmed? Yes, Gul Ahmed is Pakistan’s oldest clothing brand that started texture trading in the early 20th century. 1953 was when they stepped into the textile and clothing manufacturing niche with the Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited tag.

In 1970, Gul Ahmed was listed as one of the leading textile houses in Pakistan on the Karachi Stock Exchange. Ideas By Gul Ahmed was introduced as a retail chain in 2003. This also contains home textiles, including bedsheets, bedroom fabrics, kitchen and bathroom fabrics, e.g., towels.

The famous key feature of Gul Ahmed is its premium quality fabric and amazing stitched and ready-to-wear apparel. Also, the pricing lists are pretty affordable, and prints are fabrics are made after focusing on every age group. Whenever we talk about the vast and inclusive range of articles that displays the true essence of Pakistani culture, traditions, and sophistication, then Gul Ahmed and Ideas By Gul Ahmed is a perfect choice!

The brand also offers a wide range of formal and informal men’s clothing and collections. These are in both types, i.e., if you want a stitched dress, you can buy it, and if you wish to have an unstitched dress, you can purchase it too. The only taboo for men in our society was dark colors, but Gul Ahmed has very soft color palettes for men, too, including pastels and neutrals in cause wear and formal wear.

Coming to women’s clothing, Gul Ahmed is above all. Gul Ahmed’s summer and winter collections are not only loved by Pakistani women but are recognized internationally as well. This international level recognition n is gained by producing a prime quality fabric with sophisticated finishing in stitched collections and unique color combinations with fabulous designs in all types of fabrics, such as Lawn, Silk, Cotton, Khaddar and Cambric, etc. Gul Ahmed is one of the best clothing brands in Pakistan and a top female clothing brand.


Bonanza Satrangi

Name of Owner:Hanif Bilwani
Year Of Establishment:1976
Categories:Stitched/ Unstitched
Collections:Women/ Men

Bonanza Satrangi is another big name of clothing brand in Pakistan. Bonanza is the parent organization that started as a men’s clothing brand in Pakistan in 1976. Bonanza only dealt in men’s clothing, including stitched, unstitched, and formal and informal collections. After the enormous success of Bonanza, the brand launched Bonanza Satrangi, which now has more than 80 stores all over Pakistan. So, in 2012, Bonanza revamped itself and introduced Bonanza Satrangi, a compromising of women’s apparel, accessories, and fragrances.

Now Bonanza Satrnagi includes women’s stitched collection, women’s unstitched collection, casual wear, and formal wear, along with festive collections. Satrangi has a more women-like touch which reflects in its beautiful fabrics. This gives Pakistani women a sense of confidence and elegance while being in their skin.

Bonanza satrangi is the first-ever clothing brand in Pakistan that has introduced Augmented Reality AR. this technology helps the customers to try the makeup and the dresses with the help of the camera by placing their face instead of the model’s face and hence they can select what suits them the best.

Bonanza Satrangi is a highly demanded brand and one of the top brands in Pakistan’s textile industry. The diverse and unmatchable designs have a uniqueness of their own the colors, prints, and combinations all cater to enhance the beauty and class of its wearers.

The mainstream thing in Pakistan is the brands’ prices, but bonanza satrangi has a flexible pricing list that suits everyone according to their needs and demands. Pakistani women love to wear Bonanza satrangi, and on the other hand, men in Pakistan also favor Bonanza for their day-to-day wear and for occasions too.


Name of Owner:Al-Rahim Textile Industries
Year Of Establishment:2016
Categories:Stitched/ Unstitched
Collections:Women, Men, kids

Zellbury is the latest addition to the top clothing brand in Pakistan. Zallbury introduced itself in the Pakistan textile industry in 2016, offering women, kids, and men apparel at very accessible prices. The brand has outlets in 37 cities in Pakistan and has good e-commerce to deliver its products in Pakistan and abroad.

Zellbury has marked itself as one of the best clothing brands and has enormous customer positive feedback, making it one of the top clothing brands in Pakistan. Zellbury has a diverse range of fabrics and a unique product line for men, kids, women, sports, and the home. Zellbury manufactures and delivers a wide range of stitched and unstitched collections for both men and women. Depending upon the climate and season, the brand produces the best season collections and delivers the products according to festivals and occasions, for example, eid collections.

Zellbury’s embroidered fabrics are famous as they are the most intricately and meticulously done embroideries with beautiful and eye-catching color combinations. These embroidered collections have the most beautifully embroidered dupattas, which are the best thing to wear when you want to portray Pakistani culture delicately.



Name of Owner:Mirza Ghani
Year Of Establishment:2011
Categories:Stitched/ Unstitched
Collections:Women, Men, kids

Ittehad textiles were established in 1973 and have become one 0pof the major clothing brand in Pakistan. Ittehad textile fabrics are famous for their color combos in their summer and winter collections, casting soft and gentle colors and making them still look so vibrant and stylish. Wearing Ittehad gives an addition to your style statement.

Fine embroideries, thread works, delicate prints, beautiful self-prints, and magnificent jacquards make Ittehad one of the finest clothing brands in Pakistan. The brand offers stitched and unstitched collections in casual, festive, and formal wear. In the winter collection, the fabrics are made with pure clothes that would give you warmth without being heavy or overly weighed.

Ittehad Textile’s motto is to deliver the best quality material to customers at the lowest possible prices. They produce fabrics that have a modern touch in them besides looking ethnic at the same time. Winters are just around the corner, so if you are anxious about what to wear this winter from where to shop, then ittehad textiles are the best choice!


Name of Owner:Nabeel Ahmed Khan
Year Of Establishment:2010
Categories:Stitched/ Unstitched

Are you looking for the best apparel this winter? Stop your search because Bin Saeed is here to the rescue!

Bin Saeed is Pakistan’s one of the top clothing brands in Pakistan that started in 2010. Bin Saeed is both a retailer and a wholesaler brand that provides unique and high-quality fabric for women’s clothing. The designers are relentlessly working on the latest collections of Bin Saeed to take Pakistan’s clothing and fashion industry to the next level.

The brand produces both stitched and unstitched women’s clothing with formal, informal, casual, and luxury or festive collections at affordable prices. The brand delivers fabrics that are gentle to wear and are the most comfortable as ever, with unique designs and lively colors.

The summer collections are made of vibrant and lovely colors, whereas the winter collection is composed of dark hues which a vibrant feel and essence. The patterns and prints are striking, making Bin Saeed stand out.

This winter, Bin Saeed is offering and displaying the most delicately made designs with the best color contrast and premium quality fabric that will enhance your look and make you look perfect.


Name of Owner:AL Razzaq Fabrics
Year Of Establishment:2017
Categories:Stitched/ Unstitched

Saya was launched by Al-Razzaq fabrics in 2017 but has gained massive popularity over the years and has become a famous public clothing brand in Pakistan. Saya is catering as a fashion house for women who loves to look elegant in day-to-day wear; Saya creates sleek, trailblazing, ultramodern, and smooth articles to enhance your sartorial elegance.

Saya offers ready to wear collection stitched collection in semi-formal, formal, and casual categories. This has become a brand loved by Pakistani women and is owned by families now because of its luxurious touch and sophistication.

The Pakistani fashion and textile industry are in an ongoing competition where designers and clothing brands strive to produce and deliver the best fabrics and collections. This saya offers its customers a high-quality fabric with charmingly crafted patrons and prints.

Saya is a clothing brand in the example that is exemplary in portraying the fusion of traditional wear and modern wear. Saya is one of the most renowned suppliers of fabrics in Pakistan.


Name of Owner:Mansoor Ahmed
Year Of Establishment:2017
Categories:Stitched/ Unstitched
Collections:Women, Kids

Adan’s Libas is a well-renowned clothing brand in Pakistan. The famous brand has various collections according t the running seasons, with huge sales and season-end discounted offers.

Adan’s Libas was established in the year 2017. Adan’s Libas are two Arabic words that mean The attires of Hoorem in the Skies. So wearing Adan’s Libas would be no less than feeling like a harem from the skies.

The brand specializes in women’s collections, and they have a huge variety for different occasions, such as Eid, Weddings, Dinners, etc. These collections are chic yet exquisitely sophisticated to complement you wherever you wear Adan’s Libas.

The prices are quite reasonable and affordable, and the fabric’s quality is up to the mark. Adan’s Libas includes articles in lawn, chiffon, cambric, silk, khaddar, viscose, embroidered fabrics, velvet, etc.

The fabrics a comfortable and casual attire, giving you a sense of confidence and comfort simultaneously. So, choose Adan’s Libas to feel like a fairy from the skies!


Name of Owner:Wahaaj Tariq
Year Of Establishment:2013
Categories:Stitched/ Unstitched

Jacquard clothing started as a high-end fabric and clothing in Pakistan in 2013. The brand manufactures the highest-ever quality fabric with the most intricate hand embellishments, intricate and sophisticated designs, and eye-catching colors for all the women who love to wear eastern.

Jacquard portrays the Pakistani culture in its apparel, and the professional team of textile designers works at their best level to fulfill the textile gaps in the clothing industry of Pakistan.

Jacquard provides men’s clothing in unstitched and stitched formal, semi-formal, informal, and festive collections. The fantastic feature of the brand is that besides delivering the best quality fabric, prices are affordable and pocket-friendly.

So, if you want to stand out from others at your workplaces, house, events, dinners, or marriages, even then, wear Jacquard!


Name of Owner:Mohammad Rafiq Tawakkal
Year Of Establishment:2010
Categories:Stitched/ Unstitched

Tawakkal fabric is a name familiar to every Pakistani woman and man and is one of the top women’s clothing brands in Pakistan. The brand began as a clothing brand years ago. Delivering new and latest designs and being trendy, Tawakkal fabrics never leaves being one of the top clothing bran don Pakistan.

The vision and mission of the brand are to produce high-class and premium-quality fabrics with a modern and chic style. The designs are distinctive and elegant and suit every age group for every body shape.

The collections are available in both stitched and unstitched forms. They launch specific collections, such as formal wear, semi-formal wear, casual wear, and festive collection. Also, the prices are very assorted and easy for everyone to buy.

The sequins, net worlds, thread works, and embroidery are carefully done with beautiful and unique fibers, which is why women love Tawakkal fabrics, and it’s their favorite brand in Pakistan clothing brands!

13. KHAS

Name of Owner:Khas Group Of Companies
Year Of Establishment:2001
Categories:Stitched/ Unstitched

Khas is a clothing brand owned by the Khas Group Of Companies, which possesses five separate companies. Khas is the clothing line from Khas Group.

Khas Group started supplying and importing building hardware as Khas Trading Company and then, in 1980, started aluminum profile manufacturing named Kruddson Pvt. Ltd.. getting massive success from Kruddson, the company burgeoned up and started Khas Textile Mills in 2001.

The initial product was the open end, and after being successful in this, they launched another product named spinning in 2006. Later in 2013, Khas Group initiated its egg production business called Khas Farms, and finally, in 2016, they started Khas Socks and Knitwear Industry.

Khas is a brand that has been a milestone in the clothing niche and thus has no example like itself in the clothing line. They value their customers and manufacturers of the fabrics just according to the demands of the textile markets. The quality of the fabrics is 100% pure, and the designs are unique and modern too.


Name of Owner:Haji Abdul Rashid
Year Of Establishment:1950
Categories:Stitched/ Unstitched
Collections:Women, Men

Rashid Textiles is one of the best-selling clothing brands in Pakistan that started in the mid-1950s. It has become one of the favorite brands of Pakistan, but the story began when Mr. Haji Abdul Rashid started a small business as a local textile merchant; with his unbeatable marketing skills, the small business grew more prominent and today is one of the biggest textile industries in Pakistan.

The reason behind Rashid Textiles’s popularity is its excellent artistic skills; its designers are working tirelessly to deliver the best to the audience. The other factor is their visionary lead, unmatchable skills, and professional and motivated team.

The brand has various women’s apparel collections, including stitched and unstitched collections. Similarly, Rashid Textile also offers men’s collections in a wide range. Rashid textile Industries produces the best men’s and women’s apparel at an affordable range.


Name of Owner:Eimman
Year Of Establishment:2010
Categories:Stitched/ Unstitched
Collections:Women/ Men

Safa Noor is a famous brand in Pakistan that women in Pakistan highly demand. It is a women’s clothing brand that produces high-quality fabrics. Every year the brand launches newer and trending designs in its latest summer and winter collections.

The designs are meticulously manufactured by focusing carefully on the colors and prints of the fabric and, indeed, its premium quality. Safa Noor is managed by a professional team that never compromises in delivering the best to the textile market and upgrading Pakistan’s textile industry with its extraordinary designs.


All the brands mentioned above have national recognition, and some have international recognition too. They have become Pakistani men’s and women’s favorite and most loved brands because of their uniqueness and idiosyncratic products.

If you are searching for any clothing brand to shop for this winter, then all these brands are a perfect choice.

You can avail of all these top clothing brands at Konjae at very affordable wholesale rates. We have done our best to list the leading clothing brands of Pakistan; if you think we have missed any of them, do let us know via feedback.


● What is the number 1 clothing brand in Pakistan?

Zellbury appears first whenever we see the number 1 clothing brand in Pakistan. It has become number 1 because it is the most reliable and affordable brand and comes in many collections.


● Which Brand is famous in Pakistan?

J. is a famous clothing brand in Pakistan because of its fabric quality.


● Which brand is best for ladies’ dresses?

Gul Ahmed is the best clothing brand for ladies’ dresses because it has a wide range and numerous spring, summer, fall, and winter collections.


● Which clothing brand is most stylish?

Limelight is the most stylish brand because of its eccentric color palettes and charming, quirky articles and designs.

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