Top 5 Essential Tips To Hunt out the Best Textile Suppliers

Best Textile Suppliers

#1. Google it. This is certainly the most popular way for new sellers to start their search for a supplier. It’s a great way to get going and will provide you with plenty of options. For example, if I was looking for textile suppliers, I would run a Google search using the keywords “wholesale textile suppliers“, and Google would instantly show me thousands of options. Just remember that the best suppliers won’t always be on the first page of search results, so you will need to spend some time trawling through them before you decide on one.

#2. Run a quick background check on the supplier before you purchase from them. This is super quick and easy and is an absolute must to ensure that you and your hard-earned cash do not fall victim to a scam. Visit “Lookup” then the “Registration” tab to see when the domain was created. If it is anything less than one year, likely, that the supplier isn’t a reputable one.

#3. Visit Fashion Shows. Fashion shows are exhibitions of all the fantastic new products which are coming out. They are a great way to see what the new hot products will be, and even better, meet and build relationships with top suppliers. These shows are often held to showcase seasonal products or fashions, or are held for a specific industry, such as clothing and footwear.

#4. Use a supplier directory. You might notice a few of these popping up when you search for suppliers. These are the perfect way to find some of the best textile suppliers on the web. Avoid free directories which usually end up being a directory full of broken links, or links to scam sites that charge you to get access to buying their products which kind of defeats the purpose of a free directory. Look for a supplier directory that verifies each of their suppliers as 100% legitimate. This will prevent you from having one of the many phony suppliers out there take your money and run. Before you sign up to become a member of a directory, take a look at some reviews to see what other members’ experiences have been.

#5. Ask the right questions. When you find a potential supplier, you need to ask a few important questions. Start with what their MOQ is. MOQ is wholesale-speak for minimum order quantity and this determines how much you need to spend per order with a supplier, and whether you can buy from them. While many suppliers are willing to deal with small-time sellers who are just starting, so make sure you ask! You also need to ask your supplier about their returns policy if you receive damaged or faulty goods from them. This is especially important for overseas suppliers when return shipping may be an issue.

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