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    Adan's Libas is a famous Pakistani clothing brand with numerous collections for women every season. Adan's Libas has launched very successful and famous collections. The lawn collection 2023 is also live at affordable prices at Konjae Wholesale for all retailers, home ladies working from home, and resellers. 

    Adan's Libas Lawn Collection 2023

    Like every year, this year too, Adan's Libas has launched its fabulous and most alluring lawn collection 2023, which comprises three volumes now. These collections are Zaire, Fuchsia, and Bellarose. Women's clothing by this brand is unique and follows the latest fashion trends


    Zaire is the first lawn collection volume 2023 by Adan’s Libas, including Geyser, Clairvoyant, Haiti, Curious Blue, Aztec Gold, Drift Wood, Mell Rose, Calica, Mischka, and Paprika. All these articles are embroidered lawn three-piece unstitched collections with embroidered dupattas. 


    Adan's Libas second lawn collection volume is Fuchsia, an unstitched lawn three-piece collection with articles like Maverick, Delta, Pelorous, French Black, Wattle, Snuff, Fiery Rose, and Swiss Coffee. These articles would be a perfect fit for a formal dinner or an occasion like Eid, dinners, birthdays, etc. Featuring embroidered chikankari lawns with a silk dupatta and a complete finish, Fuchsia is a stunning collection. 


    The third collection is Bellarose, including Mulled wine, Isabella, Rich Maroon, Sahra, Rodea Dust, Rose Pearl, Rubby, Sunray, Turmeric, and Antique Vrass. 

    Adan's Libas is a clothing brand that always produces and delivers the most modern and latest chic style clothing in premium fabric. 

    The brand has indeed proven it with the launch of its Lawn Collection 2023 Bellarose, a collection of digitally printed Lawn Shirts with embroidered laces, patches for shirts, embroidered dupattas, and dyed cotton trousers. 

    Time to Upgrade Your Wardrobe This Summer 

    Adan's Libas 2023 Summer Lawn Collection is available in a wide selection of vibrant summer colors with intricate embroidery and a combination of multiple summer fabrics. All ladies have an opportunity to upgrade their wardrobes this summer. 

    Adan's Libas has all the wonderful options for all the fashion-loving women and girls. So do not delay further, as only limited stock is available, and wholesalers and women working from home are going crazy for Adan's Libas Lawn Collection 2023. 

    Shop Adan's Libas Lawn Collection 2023 With Konjae

    With summer just around the corner, Adan's Libas Lawn Collection 2023 is available at Konjae, an online platform for wholesalers, retailers, and ladies working from home. . You can now shop all the perfect summer outfits and articles wholesale at sale prices at Konjae. So, retailers, hurry up! Add your favorite Adan's Libas Lawn Collection 2023 to your carts and enjoy maximum profits this summer!

    The plus point is that Konjae delivers your stock to your given location, and there is no need to worry about stock relocations or transfers from one city to another or from the factory to your shop. Konjae is your trusted clothing online partner. 

    Book your favorite volume from Adan's Libas Lawn Collection 2023 before it gets out of stock!