Who We Are

KON JAE is a project of ‘Cybmerce Tech Pvt. Ltd’ is a registered company based in Islamabad.

KON JAE – Trust, Empower, Future’ an emerging talent of Pakistan in the textile industry and a
pioneer in introducing the ONLINE Business-to-Business (B2B) model – an Online Marketplace
of the textile sector in Pakistan.

‘KON JAE’ is a blend of two words in Urdu, which means ‘who would go’. It connects textile manufacturers, wholesalers, and buyers virtually and provides delivery services with trust and quality.

Building TRUST with Textile Industry Players

This concept has its e-commerce dimension to co-integrate with the textile industry. COVID-19 pandemic is another contributing factor to strengthening the baseline of this concept to boost business while utilizing e-commerce resources.
KON JAE service salient features include adding value to e-commerce setup in the textile industry of Pakistan, quick and easy access to quality products, quality with lower cost structures, electronic ordering goods, and digital payment system, and broader cost and variance efficiency.

EMPOWER Buyers & Sellers of Textile Industry through ONLINE B2B Platform

The concept has been derived to provide technical and mobility facilitation to textile merchants/traders, manufacturers, wholesalers, and brand owners by excelling with the innovative approach of the Online B2B Model by providing

wholesale fabric in Pakistan

Creating FUTURE of Textile Industry Locally & Internationally

The business framework model of KON JAE has comprised of the company creating, delivering, and capturing value for the customer and the company itself through an online platform.

Vision and Goal: Uplift Pakistan Textile Industry to grow Pakistan’s economy.

Mission: To introduce tech innovation to improve Pakistan Textile Industry Standards.